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  • Will I receive a ride reservation confirmation along with reminders of my upcoming ride?
    Yes, you will receive a ride reservation confirmation and timely email reminders of your upcoming ride reservation. You will also receive an email or text reminding you of necessary items to bring along for your journey.
  • How do I find my driver when arriving at the airport?
    Your driver can be notified and found using the "Trusted Local Drivers" mobile application. Open the app on your mobile phone and click the "Find & Notify Driver" button on your mobile phone. A list of drivers will appear on your device. Scroll down until you find your driver and click on the "Airport Pickup - Click Here" button above your driver's image. Click on the eyeball button to see the location of your driver.
  • What payment methods can I use?
    Most ride reservations are now using payment online when booking a ride. This method has proven to be the fastest and easiest method of payment because you're all set before hand. However, some ride reservations such as "Car service to anywhere" and "Car service from anywhere" are not pre-pay. Therefore, point of sale payment includes the following: Cash, Venmo, Credit Card, PayPal. Payment is due at time of service.
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